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Saturday, 27 September 2008

Make that 3 steps back

Well, I'm inhabiting a topsy-turvy world at the moment. Intermittently soooo tired during the day that nothing much is getting done, least of all finishing husband's business books that I've been promising to do for weeks. Today I went back to bed after breakfast and was still there when he came home at lunchtime. Eventually got it together to meet him and friends in the pub at tea-time and when we returned home, got stuck into sorting out our entire photo collection that has been all jumbled up for years. I finally got to the end of one of the piles at about 1.40am, long after husband had gone to bed. Attempted to join him but the snoring catapulted me into the spare room. Shortly afterwards, heard him go to the bathroom so sneaked back into our bed but more of the same. Eventually found myself itchy and wide awake so got up, took an anti-histamine, came downstairs and made a cup of tea and here I am, at 3 am, tippy tapping away. Must get back into a sensible routine before work on Monday.

I've decided to let my hair go grey. It has a very fetching silver flash at each temple and under certain lights, is twinkling away at the roots. I rather like grey as a colour, it suits me. Time will tell whether vanity will win the day.


rilera said...

Sorry you world is topsy turvy right now. I'm confident that things will start to even out for you after a few more weeks on the Prozac. I've been thinking about letting my hair go grey too. Then I decided I'm not ready for that.

Take care and try to sleep.

Lily said...

I hope so, rilera! I think going back to work next week will impose some much needed structure on my waking/sleeping habits! I'll let you know how I get on with the silver plating!

oldcrow61 said...

I'm afraid that I'm not ready for grey yet either, lol. I do have two friends who have long white hair and they look fabulous. Hope you get your routine settled soon.

grumpyoldwoman said...

I am too am silver - my grandmothers hair went white in her 30s and was beautiful - if miine was white i would stick with it, as it is, i bleach - I am a blonde at heart, if not at root!