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Saturday, 20 September 2008


Not a bad day at all on the bargain front. The long grey Next merino wool cardigan I'd 'won' on ebay arrived and is absolutely lovely and from my one of my favourite charity shops, for £17.56 only, I bought a grey M&S cashmere jumper, a cosy cherry red Next hooded sweatshirt and two lightly gilded, cast iron ornate photo frames. Even Morrisons with mum wasn't too bad and gave rise to another gem...on paying for her groceries and being asked if she wanted cash back, mum replied "yes, £3 in five pound notes please"! It must be all the excitement, but I'm feeling distinctly shattered now so may have an early night. Oddly enough, after lunch my heart was really thumping beneath my ribs, wonder if the two are connected/something to do with the Prozac?


rilera said...

Prozac will do that to me so I wouldn't discount it. I found that if I overdid during the day or didn't have enough to eat then I would have the palpitations with my heart.

Lily said...

Weird huh? I suppose I can look forward to another rib thumper today - I plan on mowing 3 lawns after breakfast!