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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Prozac - a patchy 7th week

I've noticed something odd this week, the Prozac seems to work when I really need it to but doesn't maintain a constant effect. For example, at a Sunday lunch with friends I found myself unusually chatty and sparky when first meeting up, making a special effort with folks I didn't know so well, then ran out of steam by dessert and felt ready for bed by early evening. It's the same at work; the brain copes admirably with the daily mental and practical tasks (ok, we'll ignore the tedious 3 hour meeting I nearly fell asleep in several times) but as soon as I reach the end of my list of things to do, it's as though someone has pulled the plug and I grind to a halt. I could just go to sleep now and may have to catch a quick nap soon as it's going-to-the-pictures-with-best-friend-night. On top of that, the reduction in stress levels still doesn't seem to have brought about an improvement to my skin, if anything the eczema is even worse. Thank goodness it's mostly out of sight. Have started taking a multi-vitamin tablet to see if that helps.


rilera said...

Hi Lily, thanks for posting to my blog. I too take medication for depression and anxiety and it mostly helps. Hang in there and be gentle with yourself.

Lily said...

Thanks Rilera, I really appreciate your support. I wish I'd known years ago what a difference medication would make. If nothing else, it would have saved my lovely daughter the sight of her mother pounding the wall, screaming and sinking to the floor, triggered by a phone call from my mother, stressing out over some minor domestic problem, not long after I'd just returned home from her's.

Cheerful One said...

Hi Lily,

Thanks for commenting the other day, sorry I didn't reply!

Dame Honoria Glossop said...

Hi Lily,

My brain does that 'switching off' thing whenever I'm tired, without the help of Prozac :)

Lily said...

Cheers Cheerful and Dame H! Good to know you're out there x x