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Monday, 15 September 2008

Good day

I've had a lovely day today and I think I would not have organised/enjoyed it so well without the magic tablets. First I had a little lie-in then phoned the hairdresser who managed to fit me in at short notice, with the result that I now sport a very snazzy tapered bob that I didn't even have to fiddle with when I got home! (I have spent the past 2 hours attempting to put a photo of said masterpiece into this post but decided in the end, even having altered it to look a bit like a misty oil painting, it was still too personal to feel comfortable.)

Anyhoo, still in town, I managed to snaffle a few bargains - a great padded jacked from Boyes for winter/dog walks and a book about Philip and Elizabeth from the charity shop for my mum (she's mad for the monarchy, especially if there's scandal involved). Off to mum's after lunch and phoned a gardener for an estimate on some work she wants doing - he came round within an hour! (Although I doubt mum will go for it, at the very least he was quoting £300 for the front and back and she is very careful with her money.) Then took mum to Stokesley to see whether the Boyes there had a jacket to fit her (it didn't) and back home for tea. Escaped early as I'd left my penicillin tablets at home, but she didn't mind because I'd promised to go round tomorrow morning and help her with her washing.


J said...

I'm so glad things are looking up for you. I jnow easy it is to get in a rut when depression has control.
We all need to just try to keep faith that we will be given strength to deal with what comes our way.
It's hard for me sometimes but I do try to look back and see where there were times I didn't think I could make it but was given strength.
I like the new look of your blog and what a pretty bathing beauty in the pic below.

Lily said...

Thanks for stopping by j and for the support, I wish I could send a little of my good fortune your way to ease your load x

J said...

Right now we're going thru a 'good' spell. Thanks for thinking of me!

Lily said...

As you can see from the header,I finally came up with an image that's not too revealing.