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Thursday, 18 September 2008

Every cloud has a silver lining

True, mum is getting deafer, more forgetful and more easily confused by life but sometimes this combination can result in rather heartwarming moments of silent hilarity (on my part). Today has provided two such examples:

1. Whilst waiting in the doctor's surgery, mum announces loudly "I hope I don't have to strip off for the doctor - I'm not wearing a bra."
2. In a rather busy Boots....
Mum: Ooh! Two for the price of one!
Me: No, they wouldn't be any use to you, mum
Mum: What are they?
Me: Durex.
Mum: What are they used for?
Me: (chickening out) Don't you remember?!

And the nice thing is, thanks to Prozac, I can enjoy these little eccentricities without becoming totally self-conscious and embarrassed....as I was that time in the hospital when mum focused on a lady sitting on the opposite side of the room and in a stage whisper said to me "she's fat isn't she?"....(pause)....please don't say any more mum, she might not have heard.... "I'd rather be skinny than fat."


J said...

*snicker*snort* O My! One time mom started to discuss her problems with constipation... in a very loud voice... at the table... in a restaurant! My brother and his wife had gone with us and you should have seen the shades of red go over his face. Better to laugh than cry!

rilera said...

My Mom does the same. Yesterday when we were visiting with her one of the male patients walked by and Mom said 'that guy's a real dick.' My sister and I stared at each other in amazement.

Lily said...

Lol, I have to say I am quite enjoying spending time with mum lately because of the giggle potential, something I would never have imagined I could say.