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Sunday, 21 September 2008

Deja vue, again

Ok, I know it's probably vainglorious of me to do this, but one of the things I regret about deleting previous blogs, is losing favourite posts like this....

Doppelgangers across the centuries
When we went to Florence a few summers ago, we saw a painting in a museum that I thought was quite extraordinary - it showed a group of men from about the 15th century, among whom were dead-ringers for a young John Cleese and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. The human connection between the centuries made the picture come alive for me; it suggested that the artist had not produced some stylised, fictional portrayal of the good burghers of the town but had used real people with real people's complicated lives to sit for him. Some time later I came across this painting....

<--Portrait of a Young Man by Franciabigio 1482-1525

and the lovely Joachim Phoenix -->


J said...

WOW they do look alike.
I think Joachim Phoenix is a good actor.

Lily said...

Me too, LURVED him in Walk The Line.

rilera said...

They do look alike. Amazing. Reinforces a likelihood of reincarnation

Lily said...

I know! I would love to find an old painting of someone who just looked like me, how cool would that be to have on the wall?!