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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Are we downhearted?

Curiously, no.

I had today all planned out...lie in, tidy up a bit, relax, get ready to pootle down the motorway for a romantic evening and breakfast with husband, then straight to mum's tomorrow and await the lady bringing her new stick before taking mum for a mooch round Guisborough market.

And what has actually happened is....was up by 8.30, messed about on the computer for a while, couldn't get the photo-from-mobile-to-computer programme to work, washed up, washed clothes, ironed, put clothes away, had phone call confirming mum's new stick would be arriving tomorrow somewhere between 10 and 4 (?!) then had another phone call to say all change - they need her wrist to floor measurement before they can supply the stick, which means we have to go back to see the nurse at the surgery tomorrow. Then, when I texted husband to say I'd be setting off in an hour and expected to arrive around 6, he replied somewhat unenthusiastically that he would probably be in bed as he'd 'had a session' with workmates. He was quick to agree that tonight's rendevous was probably not a good idea, so that was that. Ah well, am having fun creating watercolours out of photos on the computer.

I think if it weren't for the Prozac, I'd be curled up in bed feeling sorry for myself by now. As it is, I plan on going out for tea with lovely daughter then dropping in on an old friend that I keep promising to visit but never get round to it.

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J said...

I don't take Prozac but I am on meds for depression too. For me, they calm me just enough to take the intensity off which enables me to see things in the proper perspectives.
I'm so glad things are going better for you (((Lily)))