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Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Nothing much

I suppose if I'm writing this blog for myself, I should chronicle even the slow, wading through treacle days. Days when just enough work is got through by home time, days when my eyes are tired and sticky, I think with the first outriders of acid yellow rape seed pollen, if it isn't too early for that. Life is neither bad nor good, problems neither non-existent nor unsolvable. No dramas, no excitements, steady away. I don't miss the extreme highs and lows of wilder days, I don't need and couldn't cope with the stress any more, but I miss the sense of being alive.


dmarks said...

"acid yellow rape seed pollen"

That sounds evil in itself! Awful name for something. Like it is some terrible emination from the Giant Hogweed or a Triffid

Lily said...

It is indeed their bastard bilious spawn and just as deadly. Abhorrent to the eye both aesthetically and allergically, so there!