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Saturday, 5 April 2008

Happy anniversary

Yesterday was a good day. First stop, mum's doctor for the results of her blood tests - all OK. It was the first time the doctor had seen her since her stroke so out of hearing I said that her short-term memory had been badly affected and she was easily confused. The doctor then asked her what day, month and year it was and I thought this is where she gets them all right and I look a right b****...mum answered confidently Friday, April, '77. I was startled as I hadn't expected more than a year or two out, but the doctor was great. She said "Yes, that's right" and mum came away feeling really pleased with herself. I decided not to tell her the truth as it would only have worried and upset her. Next we went to the hospital to see the consultant for an after stroke check-up, no major problems but he wanted to change some of her medication and there was much checking of charts on the computer and making notes in the file and explaining to me what was to change and why - poor mum sat bewildered throughout, isolated in her deafness. (That's something else I have to do - arrange an appointment with the audiologist to get a more effective hearing aid. Mum's GP thinks it will help with the confusion - makes sense.) We dropped the consultant's recommendations off at the surgery and went for lunch. Back to work in the afternoon, managed to finish a report despite lots of interruptions and for once was able to go straight to the pub to meet husband instead of back to mum's. Think my anniversary presents to him went down well - a large leather pouch he can fit on his belt for work with a jar of special edition 'I love you' Marmite inside! His presents to me were fun too, a silver love knot on a chain and a crystal deodorant block! Had a delicious meal of sea bass with chilli, coriander and lemon and enjoyed the company of friends before going home. And finally to bed....where surprised by amourous advances! I'll spare you the undignified details but there were a few minutes when we were both in hysterics at the picture we posed. There we were, coitus interruptus - one reaching for an inhaler, the other for the KY; don't you love middle age?!

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