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Sunday, 6 April 2008

It's not easy being green

I have made small steps towards an eco-friendly lifestyle today, although I fear I've probably done plenty of other stuff to cancel out the good. I had a water conserving shower but have had the washing machine running ever since - used the eco-balls my son gave me for Christmas to wash the towels (but biological powder for the white wash because I wasn't confident that the balls would be as effective). I rinsed out glass and plastic bottles for the recycling box and took shopping bags to the supermarket to save using their plastic bags (but drove there - no public transport and too exhausting and too cold and wet for the bike). I suppose I could have done my shopping yesterday when in Morrison's with mum but my brain just seizes up with the effort of trying to get her to buy enough food for herself, let alone think about what I might need. On the subject of plastic bags -I do recycle them, they go in all our rubbish bins in the house, they're invaluable for de-pooping the garden and I take stuff to work in them where they're used again to line the rubbish bins in the offices. I don't know what I'd replace them with if I had to give them up. Thankfully we've lived in the country for many years now so manage quite well without the heating on during the day - not like these soft townies!

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