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Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Meltdown averted

I hope that one day when I re-read these posts from a safe distance, I'll be able to say thank goodness I don't get stressed out any more. But for now, I realise that although most of the time I get through the days with a smile on my face, seemingly clued up and capable, under the surface I'm mess. I know this because on Monday I found myself close to tears when trying to sort out mum's medication. (To remind myself for future reference, when mum was discharged from hospital after her stroke, the consultant changed her 75mg aspirin to 300mg. The first time I went to get her meds, I was given 75mg so I contacted her doctor's surgery and provided proof of the larger dose so that it could be prescribed, which it was. However, when I went to renew it, I was given 75mg again because the doctor had decided 300mg was too much.) Anyway, last week I picked up the repeat prescription and a few days later, when I opened the packet to fill up the pill organiser, I found I'd been given 300mg again! I phoned the chemist who confirmed they'd asked for 75mg aspirin and told me to ring the surgery. This I did and explained all the background, the surgery asked me to ring back twice before they managed to catch a doctor in, then the response was that the doctor was reluctant to prescribe 75mg because they'd last prescribed 300mg (by mistake!) and had a consultant's discharge letter from the hospital recommending that strength. I was getting so stressed and frustrated by this point, especially when the surgery told me to phone back later and speak to the doctor. In the end I phoned the chemist again, spoke to the pharmacist and asked him to speak to the doctor (I didn't trust myself to do it, my voice was breaking at this point.) He did so and sorted it all out, bless him (although when I went to collect the aspirin they almost gave me 300mg again!). Well, I've taken precautions - I can get auricular acupuncture at work so I had a 20 minute session to calm myself down and the next day I had gold relaxation beads put in my ears. I'm hoping they'll keep me sane!

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