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Sunday, 13 April 2008

A good night's sleep ...

... works wonders! I found myself becoming really chewed on the Saturday Morrisons' torture trip - nothing winds me up quite so much as being called a liar and yes, I know that's not what really happened and I should make allowances for the oldrons (as opposed to neurons) firing somewhat eccentrically, but telling mum they didn't have any small grapefruit in syrup then having to stand by for ten minutes while she checked every shelf, was exhaustingly aggravating. Small wonder then that back home, by the time 8.30pm came round, I could hardly keep my eyes open. I did the sensible thing and went to bed. Woke up this morning about 8am and have felt quite energised all day! (Had an odd dream about finding out mum had died and trying to sort her things out. Must have been the Morrisons' effect.) Got lots of washing done, been sensible about food (am trying to lose two stones - three pounds last week!) and got a bit further with husband's books. This is good. Must keep it up - the diet and productiveness that is, not the morbid dreaming.


Futuristics said...
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Dame Honoria Glossop said...

I think checking every packet on every shelf in the supermarket is part of a mother's job description.

Either that or they're getting their revenge for our childhood misbehaviour in shops :)

I use the opportunity to practice lateral breathing.

dmarks said...

I guess Morrison's was a grocery store. I googled it, and it turns out I was correct.

It sounds like a nice sensible name for a grocery store. A bit mo than "Food Lion", "Winn-Dixie", "Red Owl" or "Piggly Wiggly".

Yes, they all exist, and I've been to at least three of them.

The other me said...

Oh if only had a farmstores near you...they just had small grapefuit in syrup for 10p a can! Imagine....I bought a years supply of course, which means like 3 cans because who can it it too often?
thanks for popping into my blog!