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Thursday, 17 April 2008


I'm going away for the weekend! Well, Friday night and Saturday but in effect it will mean three days of being just me, until I have to be the responsible daughter again on Monday. I broke the news to mum tonight. I could tell she wasn't impressed, she couldn't see why my husband and I wanted to go up to Northumbria to join friends in celebrating a birthday; she said "couldn't she (the birthday girl) celebrate it with her husband?" ie, so you can stay home and look after me. She really begrudges any time I spend with friends, she says "your own should come first". (I normally go round on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights and a goodly chunk of Saturday. I work late alternate Wednesdays and go to the pictures with my best friend the Wednesdays inbetween. Sunday is the only full day my husband and I get together as he works away during the week.) And as if right on cue to complicate things, mum had received a letter from her doctor confirming the consultant's latest changes to her medication (increase the dosage on one, reduce on another, stop one) which had to be explained several times and will probably continue to confuse and cause her stress and means I have to go to her chemist's first thing tomorrow to get the new prescriptions sorted out before battling back through the traffic to work. Lovely daughter is doing the Saturday Morrison's shift (what a heroine!) but mum's parting shot of "so you're not coming for three days then?" made it clear that I have, yet again, fallen short of expectations.

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