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Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Mum's social worker has just phoned - can't go ahead with my first choice of nursing home because the Primary Care Trust has withdrawn funding due to concerns about the standard of care at that home! Seems they may have been economical with the truth when they told me there was a block on admissions due to problems with an ex-resident, which would all be sorted by this week :-(

I've asked the SW'er to approach my second choice and am keeping my fingers crossed there are no more skeletons in the cupboard.


Emily said...

Oh, arghh! You weren't that wild about choice #2, were you? But if these places are like schools, the cosmetics might mean very little...can your mom be on a waiting list for choice #1, while they try to sort out their problem?

Lily said...

Well, I'm being philosophical about it all. Maybe #1 wasn't meant to be, maybe when they told me about the 'challenging' resident that other residents' relatives complained about, I should have asked why they couldn't manage him. I've now learned that #2 is run by an ex-nurse known to the staff on mum's ward and the home must take good care of its residents - there's more than one centagenarian there! (Was that the correct spelling?)

rilera said...

Here's hoping you find the best fit for you and your mom.

Clippy Mat said...

well it could be a blessing in disguise and maybe the 2nd choice is the right choice. fingers crossed.