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Thursday, 12 February 2009

wills and wells

I've just printed out the draft wills the solicitor e-mailed us. (Thought I'd better get round to it in case I do have to go under the knife - with all these hospital bugs finishing off patients, you can't be too careful.) Will have to read through them tonight. Must organise our paperwork so the kids can find all the financial bumph in case of a joint calamity. At the moment its all over the place, thanks to himself''s eccentric 'filing' system. (I know where mine is, ner ner nerner ner.)

Snow is forecast for today. Must get ready and go to work. I'm going curly today - have washed my hair and let it dry naturally. The grey is coming on a treat

Fascinating stuff, huh? Well I'm not a well woman you know. I can't be fabulous all the time.

Oh bugger. The central heating service guy has just arrived and I'm still in my dressing gown. Bye folks!

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