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Monday, 2 February 2009

its not easy, this knitting lark

I'd nearly finished the back rib when I noticed some major mistakes so had to pull it all out and start again. Now I've finished the rib and 2 rows of the beginning of the pattern and will have to work out and write down how the rest of it goes before I can complete the back - why don't patterns tell you row by row what to do, instead of a couple of cryptic lines about repeating a, most of b and miss out c? If I get stuck, I may just have to scan the pattern instructions and put them up here, for all you experts out there to interpret for me!

It snowed last night! There's a 2" blanket of snow everywhere and it has just started snowing again, very small flakes so far. Yeay!

One day later........

Back to the drawing board. I misunderstood the pattern just as I'd managed an impressive few inches of perfect fancy panels and had to pull it all out again because I couldn't work out which stitches to save. I'm writing the pattern out again, row by row, so it will be easier to follow. Sigh.


Granny on the Web said...

Good luck with the knitting, I am sure if you get really stuck someone somewhere in the world will put you right.
I see you also say Yeay! to the snow... same here.
Love Granny (*!*)

cornbread hell said...

people in cold climates may not understand your excitement over a little snow, but i sure do.

snow is the only passable excuse for cold weather, other than killing off the mosquitoes, if you ask me.

cornbread hell said...

i thought i just commented. hmmm...

i'm too lazy to type it out again.

Lily said...

Thanks Granny. Your garden looks lovely in the snow, or at least the few photos I saw of it before Internet Explorer closed your blog on me!
You did, corny, you did. Go and have a little lie down, dear.