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Sunday, 1 February 2009

new leaf

Right. I have given myself a proper talking to and am going to stop feeling sorry for myself. Well until there's something to feel sorry about anyway. If! I meant if!

I have bought a pattern, wool and needles and I am going to knit myself a raspberry red waistcoat (for work). I haven't knitted anything since the children were small so that's at least a quarter of a century ago! I'm hoping it will turn out all right as I have a grand plan - to become competent enough at knitting that I can do justice to some of Annie's beautiful fibre. It will also give me something to do at mum's while she's off on one, must just remember to stick corks on the end of the needles.

Here's a funny thing, for the first hour or so of knitting, the thumb, index and middle finger on my left hand (I'm right-handed) went all numb/tingly. Seems to have stopped now. Weird.


Clippy Mat said...

good on you!
good luck with the knitting too.

cornbread hell said...

sounds like you took a dose of my brand of therapy...

rilera said...

Happy to hear it!

Knitting is very meditative for me, but I too suffer from sore hands and wrists when I knit. I wear special fingerless gloves to help with that.