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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

knitting is the new valium!

I know this because I lasted until 21:15 at mum's tonight quite happily! If you're concentrating on K1, sl 1, psso, you can't also be thinking oh no, not that story again, this is the fifth time in twenty minutes, I'm so bored, when can I go home etc., etc. Result - I get to smile and nod, mum gets an appreciative audience to hang around for longer so remains in a good mood and the knitting itself generates new topics of conversation. Of course this probably means I'm going to have to find the knitting equivalent of painting the Forth Bridge to prevent relapse. Hmm.


rilera said...

Hey fellow Gemini! (Mom was one too!) I'm glad you've found a way to endure. Knitting is my meditation with the end result being a lovely handcrafted article.

Annie said...

Knitting and spinning has saved my sanity, so I totally understand. So, what colors do you like?

Lily said...

lol, don't know about 'lovely handcrafted article, rilera. I thought I had it cracked but last night I went wrong somewhere and one of my cable twists is missing its little hole in the centre. Probably no-one would notice but I know its (not) there so I think I'm going to have to pull out a few rows and hope I pick up the right stitches.
Annie, my favourite colours to wear are pale aqua, most greens (but not jade or olive), creams, browns, greys and soft pinks.

oldcrow61 said...

A great idea you've had there. Sounds like it's working marvelously so far.

Clippy Mat said...

that's brilliant. so pleased for you! who cares what the knitting looks like?

bulletholes said...

If you knit and drink beer, will it make you fall down and stuff?
Hey Lily!

Lily said...

Stuff probably. The sneezing and runny nose will get going long before I could drink enough to fall down. Did I mention I'm allergic to alcohol? (cue violins)

Anonymous said...

I tend to lean towards compulsive hair cutting or, as a substitute for valium, a stronger medication. Or two valium. I'm allergic to alcohol too. In a Bill W. kind of way. By the way, many people don't know the W. stands for Wasted.

hey lily! UF Mike