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Friday, 16 January 2009

told you I was ill

I've just returned from the surgery. I may have a heart murmur. (It could be dad's genetic heart defect of a non-working valve.) I have to go back to the surgery at 11:15 for investigation of the gyno thing, 11:40 for an ECG and hospital around 3 for a chest x-ray. I see my doctor again next Friday and I suppose depending on the results of tests, I'll be referred on to a cardiologist. Gosh. It's quite exciting in a possibly-life-threatening-but-going-to-get-looked-after sort of way. I phoned my husband. He was very worried..........about my not being home for the TV installation guys. Grrr.

Oh yes, and my mum has been abducted by aliens and replaced by an unconvincing clone. This imposter was in a happy, sparky mood ALL THE TIME last night. She ate her tea and then HAD SUPPER!!! She didn't even protest when I said I wasn't going round tonight other than to say "they seem like such long days when you don't come" - the only slightly critical comment of the night. I joked "well you'll appreciate me all the more when I do come" to which she replied archly "well, we'll see" and then brightly as I left "thanks for coming!" Weird. If aliens are not to blame, I think she may be getting stuck into the Tia Maria I bought her for Christmas. I could get used to this!

Ah bless, husband has come home early from work to take me for my x-ray, all is forgiven! AND the new TV is all set up (although we could do with a new aerial and cable apparently). I've been ECG'd (trace looked OK) and gyno-swabbed so now its just the heart and lung X-ray to go. A second doctor couldn't hear a murmur but she didn't do such an extensive examination as the first. The worst thing that could happen is that no-one finds anything obviously wrong with me, lol. I want something found so I can be fixed!


dmarks said...

Make sure to send the aliens a thank-you card. I hear they are sticklers for ettiquette like this.

I hope it goes well with the cardiologist.

Clippy Mat said...

Sorry about the heart murmur. did you tell your mum? maybe that will soften her up a bit more. but buy more Tia Maria in the meantime.
and refuse all communications from the aliens when they want to return the other one.

weird. the word verification is

Lily said...

Thanks for the advice and good wishes! So its a 'thanks for the replacement mum, please keep the original with my blessing' card that's needed. Hmm, wonder whether Hallmark or Moonpig.com do one?

Annie said...

I'm glad you have a replacement mom, let's hope this model lasts.

Dame Honoria Glossop said...

Isn't there a Ray Bradbury story about replacement android mums? Does she have a label anywhere?

Hope the tests are OK & they find something fixable.

Lily said...

rofl - label! Actually now you come to mention it, I have spotted something at bathtime...but it could just be haemorrhoids.

oldcrow61 said...

Sounds like your mum just might have been taken over by aliens, lol. Sorry to hear about the heart troubles. I'm sure everything will be okay.

cornbread hell said...

good lord!! she ATE her tea?

(maybe you should make friends with those alien peeps. they sound useful.)

Lily said...

Nah, couldn't afford the postage on the Christmas cards.