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Thursday, 8 January 2009


Mum's social worker rang me at work yesterday. I told her mum's main problems/complaints and explained why it would be impractical for her to live with us. I arranged to meet the SW at mum's that afternoon.

I arrived at 15:30. Mum was in a flopping-on-the-settee-sorry-for-herself mood. She was adamant she didn't remember my going round the night before. She perked up when the SW arrived. The assessment took a long time, lots of questions, some of which mum answered honestly and others she blatantly fibbed about. I put the SW right under my breath on those.

Long story short, the SW is going to refer mum to .....

  • the local housing authority which should mean that in a couple of months she will have a choice of warden-controlled flats to look at - that takes care of mum's long-held desire for a smaller property, easier to look after, on-call help if needed, neighbours she might like.

  • the sensory loss team who may be able to provide her with a telephone adapted for the hard of hearing and perhaps something that will help her to hear the television without deafening the neighbours

  • the occupational therapist to see whether some bath aids can be installed. If they're not suitable, it may be possible to put in a walk-in shower

  • the home care team (the FAST carers finish this Friday) who will come lunchtime and tea-time to check mum's eating (she's still picking at tiny amounts) and taking her tablets for another month or so.

You'd think mum would have been delighted with such a bright light beaming from the end of the tunnel. You'd be wrong. The canny old lady mask slipped and the social worker saw my sulky, awkward mum in all her glory. She didn't want to go to day care for some company - a friend had said it was awful. She wasn't interested in different accommodation, she was alright where she was - her doctor had told her moving was the most stressful thing. She was disappointed more carers were coming - she didn't need them. She could manage the bath, she would soon be back on her feet, there wasn't anything on TV she wanted to watch..........you get the picture.

After the SW had gone, mum railed about how she thought she was never going to go, she had never been so bored, what a cheek asking all those questions, if she came again she wouldn't let her in. I was laughing so hard inside it was difficult to keep a straight face. The next time she moans about the responsibility of looking after the bungalow, etc. etc. I shall just put on a cheery face and remind her that the social worker is going to sort all her problems out. That'll fettle her, nothing to worry about - she won't know what to do with herself! Brazen hussy that I am, I left at 17:45!

And the day got better. I went to the pictures with my best mate last night, the first time in ages. We saw Australia. Good film, very very good film ;-)


Clippy Mat said...

that's good. glad to hear something positive. glad you enjoyed the movie. :-))

Anna said...

Yay, practical help!

Have to say, you have far more patience and are a much better person than me.

I'd have been out of there months ago. "So I don't care and don't ever do anything for you? Right. See what happens when I actually don't do anything for you."

That makes me a bad person, right? Oh well.

bulletholes said...

I thought I left a comment a few days ago about my Granny...
When we got her to the Nursing home, she would walk the Halls and shake her cane at everybody. then when we giot there to visit, we would be like her allies and she would be nicer to us than before.

man,she could sure shake that cane!

Lily said...

Well clippy, I enjoyed Hugh Jackman lol!
I must be bad too Anna, I've been tempted many times to say exactly that!
Lol bulletholes. I look forward to 'nicer' :-)