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Friday, 23 January 2009

retail therapy

Saw my doctor again this morning. The gyno thing is nothing to worry about, doesn't need any treatment. The X-ray results weren't back, he's going to phone me when they arrive. He listened again to my heart as, last week, his colleague couldn't hear the murmur. He said it was loud and called the other doctor in to listen for herself - she had to admit she could hear the murmur clearly. Perhaps the fact that she first listened to my heart while I was lying down, made a difference. Anyway, I was relieved because it meant I wasn't imagining the lethargy, the chest pains after exertion, the dead legs after climbing stairs. I have to make an appointment with a cardiologist for more tests. Its starting to feel real and serious now. Which is probably why I treated myself to these today....

Gold pleated silk uppers, gold leather lining. Guess how much......


I LOVE TK Max!!!


Clippy Mat said...

those shoes are gorgeous. and enough to make any girl feel better.

rilera said...

Lovely shoes! I'm envious.

I've had a murmur since birth. I get it checked out every once in a while. I sure freaked out my parents when the doctors mentioned it.

My fingers are crossed that your's turns out to be minor.

oldcrow61 said...

oooooh, very sexy shoes and at a wonderful price.

cornbread hell said...

those are SHOES? how in the cornbread hell do they work?
jesus k. rist, woman!
it's no wonder you have "chest pains after exertion and dead legs after climbing stairs." get some damn sneakers!

(lily, i hope you get to feelin' better and the heart murmur thing ends up being bogus.)

Lily said...

lol cornbread! Actually, they're surprisingly comfortable, I just need an occasion worthy of their wear now. If all else fails, I could insist they bury me in them.