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Sunday, 11 January 2009

dear diary

It seems inappropriate, trivial even, to blog about the irritations of my own little life when others are going through much worse. However, I promised myself I would document these times, so here goes.

This week I've been so tired I've gone home at lunchtime for a couple of cat-naps, handy that I only live ten minutes away from where I work. My eyes are sticky and heavy again and the nettle devils are back. Mum wasn't too bad on Friday. She must be turning over a new leaf - she phoned her neighbour and invited her over for a cup of tea (this is the neighbour she hates with a passion!).

Saturday was even better. Mum was in a good mood and appreciative of the shopping I did for her - she wasn't up to going to Morrisons with me, thank goodness, so I got round in a third of the time. Mum had her emergency call equipment removed - she didn't want to keep it and pay for the service. I just hope she doesn't have a fall/another stroke. Still shattered, I had a snooze after lunch and left just before 5pm, calling at the retail park on the way home to look for a belated Christmas present for long-suffering husband. No luck.

Up at 8 this morning, I've put some washing in the machine and later will try to motivate myself to clean up the house. Have promised mum I'll go round about 6 and watch Dancing on Ice with her - she loves Torvill and Dean.


Clippy Mat said...

I hope that was a better day for you.
Hugs :-)

Lily said...

Yes it was thanks, and tonight was ok too.

cornbread hell said...

sorry i've been so out of touch. very glad to hear things are better for you.

peace out dead woman walking.

Lily said...

Thanks cornbread, I know that sometimes blogging takes just too much effort. Take good care of yourself x