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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

told you so

Apparently my heart valves are working well, no sign of dad's genetic heart defect. The consultant said there was some damage to my heart from having had high blood pressure but as that is now well controlled by medication, there's nothing more to be done. Back to square one. I suppose it must just be life that's wearing me out. Pfft.


rilera said...

If you continue to feel in your heart that something is just not right then don't discount it. Although it could just be fatigue and depression, it could be something that the doctors have missed.

Lily said...

ROFL! Its being so cheerful keeps us going! Was it Abe Lincoln who said 'most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be'? Good philosophy, I should take note.

Dame Honoria Glossop said...

HBP is nasty & dangerous. I have a family history of it, and have seen some of the effects of uncontrolled HBP so make sure you keep it low.

I believe that it can cause some enlargement of the heart because the heart has to work harder to deal with it, but as long as the HBP is cotrolled it doesn't get any worse. It can make you tired and breathless though.

I'll get back off my soapbox now. One of my relatives suffered awful health problems due to uncontrolled HBP, all avoidable if it's caught in time, so I do go on a bit about it!

Glad they didn't find anything horrible.

Lily said...

You have a lovely kind heart, Honoria, thank you for caring x x