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Thursday, 26 March 2009

life and death in deepest darkest Yorkshire

I could moan about mum but I won't. Much. Sufficeth to say that having had lunch, wandered round Guisborough market and home for tea and cake with her today, I am now in the bad books for forgetting to put the bin out ready for the bin men tomorrow. I'm sure she rang in the hope that I'd go back tonight to take out the cans she'd put in the bin and put them in the recycling box. Grr.

Never mind. There are others worse off. The racing pigeon in our front garden for example. Well, what's left of it, ie minus head and a chunk of chest. At first sight this morning you'd think some very large pieces of ash had floated into two piles - one under the trees near the end of the drive and one by the fence at the side of the lawn. On closer inspection the remains of the stray (ha ha) were by the fence and most of its chest and back feathers in the other pile. Poor little mite was sporting a ring so I gingerly took hold of its chilly little pink leg and turned the ring so I could note down the ID details. I've just e-mailed the relevant organisation to let the owner know. Must wash my hands.....


Dame Honoria Glossop said...

Poor birdie, I'm glad Buster doesn't seem to bother with our local songbird population, preferring rabbits and mice.

Lily said...

The carcass has disappeared now, wonder whose supper it made?

cornbread hell said...

so sorry about the bird.

but it made for a cool story.

(i just wish you'd added a fictitious message found on it.
like, "damn you, sylvia. bring back my knickers!")

Lily said...

lol, I have SO missed your sense of humour corny! Welcome back x