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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

a quick ramble through the past week

True to her word, the doctor has written to mum to invite her in for a chat as she hasn't seen her for a long time and while there, have her B12 injection and some blood tests. Mum hasn't rumbled my dastardly plot - we go to the surgery on Friday.

I have my appointment with the consultant this afternoon for the results of my transthoracic echocardiogram. I just know he's going to say the tests were fine, dammit. Meanwhile, I'm still in my pyjamas at 10:50, trying to motivate myself to clean the bathroom and hoover up.

Husband got his results from his oximeter tests yesterday, he definitely suffers from sleep apnoea and has been told to stop smoking and lose weight. He has also had to shave off his moustache so the CPAP mask will fit with a good seal. (That's not himself in the photo, by the way.) He tried it last night, not a huge success - had to keep taking it off to blow his nose and kept making farting noises when he breathed through his mouth. He abandoned it in the end. Pity, the machine made soothing wheezy-breeze noises and the farting was funny. Still, can't be entertained all night, those days are long gone, lol.

Anything else? Ah yes - reminders of old age creeping on - my son turned thirty a few weeks ago and two of my friends are 60 this year. Bastards, don't they know I'm still 27?

Ok, I'm going to stop procrastinating RIGHT NOW.


rilera said...

Lily, your posts always make me chuckle and smile. I know of several people who have struggled with CPAPs though they've never shared the farting phenom with me.

I'm so glad that your heart tests came back negative even though I know you were looking for answers. You have quite a full plate so it could be sheer fatigue. Hang in there.

Lily said...

(((((rilera))))) x x

cornbread hell said...

we may yet mind we're related, lily.

i have sleep apnoea. i makie farting noises. and i've been 27 for 30 years, too.

Lily said...

I wouldn't mind being related to you Cornbread dear :-)