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Friday, 27 March 2009

Not a bad day

Took mum to see her doctor who examined her thoroughly (all ok physically apart from wobbly legs) and gave her an extended memory test. Lovely doc that she is, she didn't let mum know that she had not done too well - she guessed today's date as 17th, the month as June and didn't know the year or Prime Minister. She was also a few years out on the date the first world war started but she did know her own address and her doctor's name. As suggested, I asked mum whether she would like to try the memory clinic but she curled her lip on that one. I'm going to phone the hospital up next week to make an appointment with the hearing clinic to try to get mum a better hearing aid (I know, I meant to do it last year). The doctor thinks mum's unsteadiness is more likely to be an inner ear problem than a result of the stroke. Can deafness make you wobbly? If your hearing improves (with the aid of technology) does your balance improve too? Managed with the doc's help to move the appointment with the nurse from the afternoon to this morning so she could have her blood tests and B12 injection straight after seeing the doctor AND I had to take a phial of mum's pee back to the surgery this afternoon. Honestly, the things I do for that woman.

Anyhoo, I finally found a cardigan pattern I think mum might like and I have ordered some yarn for it from ebay. If she doesn't like it I'll pull the blooming lot out and knit something for myself!


rilera said...

Interesting results for your Mum's memory test. Hang in there Lily.

Dame Honoria Glossop said...

Hi Lily,
I wobble and I'm not deaf, my hearing tests showed I had good hearing in both ears. Apparently my brain and my inner ear don't communicate any more. I don't know which of them started it and now one of them is sulking :(
Sounds like you had a busy day (again).
Honoria G

Granny on the Web said...

Your doing a grand job there, so hang onto the humorous side and go with the flow.
Your mum is lucky, but I guess she doesn't give you many thanks at the moment.
I am not deaf but I occasionally get Labrynthitis and that makes me wobble.
Hope the pee in the pot was worth the trouble!!!
Love Granny