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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Running out of steam

Mum's again tonight. She was in a good mood, ie enjoyed a good ole bout of character assassinations again, only this time without the photographic prompts. I think her brain must be mending itself after the stroke, but only in the bit that links memories and stories together. The bit that controls walking and short term memory is still pretty shaky. Drat. I was quite enjoying the break from gleeful bile. Still, she was content, that's the main thing. Its her 89th birthday on Thursday so I'm taking her out for tea. Hope she likes the book I bought her on the history of Middleton-St-George airfield.

I'm tired, think I'll put some washing in the machine (don't have a clean pair of knickers to my name), make a mug of Ovaltine and go to bed. Bonfire night tomorrow - yay!


cornbread hell said...

just did laundry myself. didn't have a clean pair of "knickers."

is there a special occasion for the bonfire? (not that a bonfire needs one.)

Lily said...

lol. See post above this one for the history of bonfire night.

rilera said...

Guy Fawkes Day! I learned about that in English (British?) history class. I'm a true anglo-phile. Love the history of my ancestors.

Hope you had fun at the bonfire.