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Sunday, 9 November 2008

reality check

If you think you're not looking too bad for your age, do not, I repeat DO NOT, under any circumstances, look down at your face reflected in a mirror on your lap. It's horrific.

Should you accidentally catch sight of your face detaching itself from it's bone structure and heading for the floor, before you reach for the booze and pills, reverse the trauma by looking up to the ceiling and holding the mirror above your face. Instant face lift. Works for me.


oldcrow61 said...

Ha, ha, ha, I did that once. I got such a shock when I saw what was looking back at me that I nearly fainted, lol.

Lily said...

lol. And don't do what I've just been doing for the last half hour - trying to take a half decent photo of myself to prove that I'm still gorgeous. You'll only depress yourself even more :-(

Clippy Mat said...

i saw this quite a while ago on the Golden Girls and so i had to try it.
that was about 10 years ago. dread to think what would happen if i did it now.
we are never alone. LOL