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Wednesday, 26 November 2008


Woolworth's is set to go into administration, tens of thousands of jobs at 815 stores are under threat.
Sad news, even though I haven't shopped at Woollies for years (so I suppose I have contributed to its decline). I saved my pocket money up and bought my first records there, 7" 45 rpm vinyl singles like Helen Shapiro's Walking Back to Happiness, Frank Ifield's I Remember You (there's a great joke in there but its too rude to print), Peter and Gordon's A World Without Love, Cilla Black's Anyone Who Had a Heart, the Animals' House of the Rising Sun. Anyone else have fond memories?


Anonymous said...

Hi Lily

I used to love Woolies too. The only shop where you could buy a pound of cheese, a tie, a guitar, some records and a pound of nails under one roof.

Most of my early Kinks albums were bought there at, even for the times, astonishing prices. They also sold me my first record player and many, many bags of pick 'n' mix.

But then, in common with most of the larger chain stores, they DID turn me away recently when I was on the scrounge around local shops for raffle prizes to raise money for the lifeboat. It was the small, barely-making-ends-meet businesses, owned and run by local people, which provided pretty much all the support and donations.

What goes around comes around, eh!!


cornbread hell said...

going to the downtown store with my granny when i was a little kid.

then riding the bus downtown with my kids when they were little and going there. great times.

Clippy Mat said...

My first job was as a Saturday girl in Woolies in Wallsend in the 60's. I worked on the pic 'n mix, but I ate more than I sold. I could sing anyone of those songs you mentioned word for word. Some of my all time favourites too. (maybe not Frank Ifield tho' LOL)
Thanks for the memories.