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Sunday, 9 November 2008

Oh dear, I shouldn't laugh....

One of the Quotes of the Week from the BBC website:

'"I don't mind taking my clothes off for a room full of screaming women - just so long as no one suddenly shouts too loud" - Stripper Andy Latham, who suffers from a rare condition that means a loud noise makes his whole body stiffen.
Andy is one of only a small number of people in Britain to suffer from Hyperekplexia, a genetic disorder that causes an exaggerated startle reflex. And he is also a member of an equally select group - disabled dance act The Crippendales

Am I a terrible person for finding the above funny on more than one level? Oh OK, I'll go and put the hair shirt on. Again.

Oh crikey, have just re-read the post and realised how offensive some readers might find it. Just to clarify - one of the things that made me laugh was not the concept of a disabled dance act - splendid idea, it was the pun on the Chippendales. Please don't stop dropping by!

Lol, have just had another thought - what if the backing music is too loud - will poor old Andy be the statue the others dance around?


J said...

*snort* Lily you are a certified nut case ; ) "...hair shirt on. Again..." *snort*
Have you seen any more llamas ears against the sunrise? BWAHAHAHAHA

Lily said...

lol, no, no more llamas' ears. Nor, for ages, the almost as hairy human version ("bad back", ahh).

Annie said...

Pass the hair shirt, because I may have thought something worse involving a certain part of his body. Ahem.

Hey, is that the same thing that makes those fainting goats fall over?

Lily said...

lol annie - that was the first thing that crossed my mind!

oldcrow61 said...

Hair shirt for me as well. Like Annie, I was thinking of another part of his body, lol.

J said...

*acting innocent* Now girls! Whatever are you thinking! Shame! Shame! *walking off mumbling about needing a hair shirt also*