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Monday, 17 November 2008

Prozac - 18 weeks

I've been giving some thought lately to how I'm feeling and if you'd asked me yesterday, I would have said "just like the old me, before the anxiety and panic crept in". But am I? Here I am, doing what I've been doing every morning for goodness knows how long - its as though I can't get on with the day until I've checked my blog for comments, read other people's, followed interesting links, maybe even posted something myself. I could probably get to work an hour earlier on a morning if I didn't switch the computer on. Have I become stuck in an obsessive compulsive blogging rut? Or is it something to do with connecting to other people with similar problems in their lives? Lol, yeah ok, both.

Right, this is silly, its 08:14 and I'm still in my dressing gown. I WILL get ready for work. Any minute now.


oldcrow61 said...

It's funny the habits we get ourselves into. I get up, get a coffee and sit at the computer to check blogs, emails, etc. Tut, never thought I'd ever be doing this, lol

Clippy Mat said...

i must be suffering from the same malady. cos here i am sitting here with me cuppa, and in my dressing gown, reading your blog and thinking about doing a quick post for my own, all when i should be getting ready for work.
but, blogging is therapy.

Lily said...

Lol, we should form a club..what shall we call ourselves..how about Bathrobe Bloggers?

Lily said...

And of course the other side of the coin is still blogging away even though your eyes are nearly shut when you should have been in bed at least an hour ago. Oh dear, I've got it bad and I just accidentally deleted Gina's comment :-(