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Friday, 11 July 2008

Warning - whinge alert

Still having trouble sleeping, sometimes it's difficult to get off to sleep - all it takes is for the air to hit my skin and immediately the itching starts, even if I've taken anti-histamines, or my brain won't switch off and sometimes I fall asleep easily but wake in the early hours and am too restless to go back over. I finally told my GP about it and she gave me a week's supply of temazepam to try to get back into sleeping through the night but it doesn't seem to make any difference. I am so exhausted and feeling low. Went to see Mama Mia tonight with friends and enjoyed the film but at the end when everyone else was dancing and singing I could just as easily have cried. My friend thinks I might be depressed and suggested I talk to my doctor again but I'm afraid I'll just sound like a hypochondriac. I suspect the main cause for all the gloom is the never-ending mothersitting - I've been on leave for the past two weeks and been round loads of times for the groundhog day experience of pointless excursions and complaints. I seem to have lost the art of relaxing and feel like I ought to be doing something useful all the time. It's 1.15 am, I've lit the candles in the back room, re-arranged the photos and repositioned the music system and am hoping that messing about on the computer will tire me out enough to go back to sleep soon. I've also poured myself a brandy so may conk out mid sentence when it hits the temazepam. Chance would be a fine thing.

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dmarks said...

I don't think "Mama Mia" is even out here yet. I did blog about it once already, though.