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Thursday, 24 July 2008

Prozac - week 1

Well, so far I don't feel much different. Once the euphoria about light at the end of the tunnel wore off, I realised there was not going to be a rapid improvement. Still marshmallow brained at work although I seem to have more or less vanquished the itching so getting better sleep, albeit still not for long enough. Ooh yes, and I've lost weight.... all one pound of it! However, am currently munching my way through a bag of licorice allsorts to compensate for a mind-bogglingly boring evening at mum's so will avoid the scales tomorrow. Actually I do think I am feeling less low although I haven't really been tested with any dramas since starting the Prozac. When I told my boss about the depression, I explained that I felt like a stodgy birthday cake... all sparkly hundreds and thousands on top (because I am quite a cheery person on the surface) but heavy as lead underneath. Think the mix has got slightly lighter....fingers crossed.

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