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Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Prozac - week 2

I've noticed a few subtle changes in my daily life that I think may be the Prozac starting to work. Last night I hardly slept at all but was very calm about it and just let nature take its course, in the past insomnia used to drive me to distraction and really stress me out. Then there's the curious case of the disappearing fault. Not long before I started on the medication, I went into an alarming skid in wet weather at a roundabout, after which I was convinced there was something wrong with the car's steering and felt like I was losing control when turning corners, especially right turns, with the result that I slowed down to a crawl every time I changed direction. Now I can hardly feel a problem so was it all in my imagination, precipitated by the skid which mirrored the lack of control I felt in my own life? Things are improving at work too, I managed to keep at the same level of concentration all day yesterday and got through quite a lot. And here's a funny thing - mum has been really quite amiable for days now...is the new Prozac me rubbing off on her or is it just a coincidence? The last piece of good news is that I'm now 10 stones 13 - psychologically brilliant not to be 11 stones something any more! The only negative side effect of the medication is that having chilled out, I'm no longer neurotic about housework so the pots are still in the sink from yesterday and the water in the flower vases needs changing. Ah well, can't have everything.


Dame Honoria Glossop said...

Great that you're getting some positive effects.

Maybe Mum isn't getting wound up so much because she senses you're not wound up so much? Whatever, hope it lasts.

Lily said...

So do I Hon! Thanks x