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Tuesday, 15 July 2008


Went to the doctor's again tonight and saw a different GP. I went intending to get something else for my eye infection (last lot of antibiotic drops didn't work) and insomnia (neither did the temazepam) but found myself unexpectedly welling up and unable to speak when the doctor asked me what I thought was causing my sleep problems. He listened sympathetically while I gave him a rough idea of the stresses I've been under lately and how it was affecting my daily life, then gave me a questionnaire to complete and concluded that I was mildly depressed. He has prescribed Prozac. I know it will take a while to have an effect but am hoping that it will reduce my stress levels to the point where I won't be waking up at daft o'clock every night with this bloody unbearable itching. I'm also hoping that I won't suffer from any of the possible nasty side effects of which there is an alarmingly extensive list, although it does include reduced appetite and weight loss, which would be a bonus! First day back at work today, well yesterday since it's now after two in the morning, and I found it hard going, especially on the concentration front. Don't expect it will be any better tomorrow.

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