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Thursday, 26 June 2008

functional insomnia

I woke up this morning just before 4, let the dog out, went back to bed and put on some soothing music to try to lull myself off to sleep. It was working until my mobile bleeped just before 5. My son had sent a text to say could I cancel his bank card as he'd had his wallet stolen at Glastonbury and his sister had had £200 stolen too. Clearly there's a reason I'm not allowed to sleep through the night - who else would come to the rescue of incontinent canines and destitute offspring? Apparently thieves crept into every tent on their site and reached over sleeping occupants to take bags; if they woke up, they shone a torch in their faces and said 'sorry mate' as though they'd stumbled into the wrong tent by mistake. I'm going to have to bite my tongue very hard on this one - son had the same experience at a festival last year and wouldn't you think he and his sister (who was somewhat critical of his carelessness at the time!) would have learned from it and put their valuables at their feet inside their sleeping bags? Still, mustn't blame the victims, hope the sleazebags responsible are caught/smitten by pestilence and plague (are they the same things?). Wide awake now. B******s.


Dame Honoria Glossop said...

Hi Lily,

I heard the tent thefts were worse than ever at Glasto this year. I'm just sticking to the village fete this year (though even that attracts pick pockets occasionally).

Lily said...

Gosh, pickpockets at a village fete? Put them in the stocks! Funnily enough it's our village fete today, I know this because a) I bought two tickets earlier in the week and b) it's pouring down.