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Monday, 16 June 2008

Half a night's sleep is better than none

I went to bed at ten thirty. I was woken at four by a snore. I went to the loo and the dog wanted one too so I opened the kitchen door. I couldn't just stand there idle so I washed up a pile of pots, made some camomile tea just for me and lit candles, of which I have lots. In my peaceful back room I got comfy, sipped my tea and emptied my head, by the time five came round I had completely unwound and was ready to go back to bed. As I slipped twixt the sheets, H was up on his feet, getting ready for work - what heaven! With silence at last I fell asleep fast and didn't wake up until seven!

1 comment:

dmarks said...

Could almost be a poem about a bad night's sleep....

"At two, to the loo"
"At three, had some tea
At four, heard a snore"