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Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Hanging in there.

Not too bad a night's sleep last night, just half a dozen itch induced wakeful moments so made it through a full day at work, saving the dying swan impression for trailing round Morrison's with mum tonight (topping up the Saturday shop!). On the plus side, persuaded her to buy this from Maplins which hopefully will solve her latest post-stroke problem - she often forgets what day it is and the other night phoned me just after 10pm to ask whether it was morning or night (she had gone to bed early and woken up to find it still light outside). I looked on the net for a clock clearly showing the day of the week but the only ones with big enough displays were ridiculously expensive, so the new acquisition is a brilliant buy at only £19.99. And the amazing thing is - it sets the time itself by radio wave, including automatically adjusting for British summertime! It ought to be advertised more widely as a great aid for people with alzheimers/dementia etc.

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dmarks said...

That sounds like a good gift for Mum.