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Friday, 13 June 2008

The fates have got it in for me

They're sitting up there on that cloud, bored stiff, and picking on me for amusement. Evidence: Monday - a pheasant threw itself under my wheels and my mother had another sortie on the 'I shouldn't be living alone' guilt trip. Tuesday - I got lost on the way to a meeting in Leeds and arrived nearly an hour after it had finished and my mother all but accused me of stealing her building society papers for nefarious reasons because she'd forgotten where she'd put them. Wednesday - well, ok, Wednesday wasn't that bad. Thursday - more heavy hints about moving in with us from mum and an old schoolfriend of beloved son's came to visit with new tales of the crazy girlfriend and the welcome but not altogether guaranteed news that BS had a man with a van lined up to do a flit on Friday. Friday - should be going out with friends and family to see a band tonight but too stressed by the latest news that crazy g/f is threatening to set an equally crazy ex-boyfriend onto BS if he doesn't give her back the money she borrowed from him and recently repaid. God only knows how she'll react when she finds out BS has flown the coop. It's my birthday tomorrow. Ha.

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