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Saturday, 31 May 2008

I spoke too soon ...

...on 22 April - 'no dramas, no excitements' indeed. Since then daughter's ex has threatened suicide, I have had a mini-meltdown and semi-squished an infant, son's hopefully soon-to-be-ex has had him arrested over trumped up charges then dropped them and yesterday daughter discovered a large gash in beloved dog's chest that must have happened during a woodland walk the day before. Off to the vet's we went and BD was examined, sedated, stitched, un-sedated and provided with a course of antibiotics, all for the paltry sum of £96.96. Not bad for half an hour's work. Grrr. Good job we love BD! Is there some cosmic catastrophy spotlight focussed on me and mine at the moment? Perhaps if on the 22 April I'd written 'hope I don't wake up tomorrow a stone lighter after a night of mindblowing passion' or 'really enjoying going round to mum's five days a week, hope she doesn't tire of my company', I would be a happier woman today, instead of a miserable git sitting at home on a Saturday with just BD for company while husband and daughter are off partying with friends. (I never feel very sociable on Saturday evenings due to postshoppinginMorrisonswithmumitis.) Ah well, time for another cuppa.


dmarks said...

We don't have "stone" over here, so I have no sense of what the weight means. We do have pounds still, and not kilograms. There's no way we are going to convert to metric after all this time. So maybe it might be a good idea to convert from pounds to stone in the US. Avoids any confusion between the two meanings of pound along the way (see the album title "Selling England By The Pound").

Lily said...

There are 14 pounds in 1 stone. Isn't it odd that since the Pilgrim Fathers must have taken imperial measurements over with them to New England, they only took the pounds and not the stones? Whose album is Selling etc?

Dame Honoria Glossop said...

I think 'Selling England By The Pound' was the title of New Labour's election manifesto :)

So far, despite his penchant for living dangerously, Buster has only cost me £25 a year for his innoculations. His food bill is considerably higher than his vet's bill.

evil-e said...

Glad the pooch is OK after the trip to the vet.

Thanks for stopping by, I always appreciate new "faces". Come on over any time.