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Monday, 1 June 2009

how it is

I'm still tired, more so maybe. This morning I thought "5 more minutes" after Mr Lily got up for work and woke up two hours later. I was half an hour late for work. The woman with whom (!) I share an office seemed to be talking uncomfortably loudly today, unusual for her. I can't get out of second gear at work. All I want to do is knit. My mother is losing no opportunity to drop heavy hints about no-one caring/shouldn't be living alone and is clearly aggrieved when I fail to take the bait. I'm feeling powerless in the face of her dissatisfaction.

I think my underlying depression is cranking up a notch.


cornbread hell said...

but you got to sleep in, get to work late, and you still have a job?!

sounds pretty good to me.

Lily said...

you have a point there, pardner!