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Tuesday, 16 June 2009


Not too bad a birthday weekend, all considered. Pub after work to meet Mr Lily and friends, quite happy to sit knitting on my own on comfortable seat inside while t'others puffed and shivered on the benches outside. Pleasant meal, baled out after a couple of hours - still a long way from party animal mode. Lovely daughter persuaded me to open some of her presents to me, excellent thoughtful choices.

Saturday shopping with mum. I don't need to say anything here, do I? Not a peep from her re the big event on Sunday. Escaped earlier than usual for a bit of (unsuccessful) retail therapy before going out for gorgeous meal with friends (and another birthday celebrant) at a local Indian restaurant. Husband fesses up over the 'buying my present' farce...he'd bought me a silver love knot necklace but when he showed it to lovely daughter she informed him he'd bought me the same necklace last year. No, says he, yes says she, furnishing the evidence. Its a different knot says he. It wasn't. Daughter took necklace back to shop. Funny thing though, before hearing the story, I chose that very necklace to wear to the birthday meal!

Sunday. Lovely lazy day. Opened the rest of my presents. Knitted a lot. Watched TV. Annointed sparkling tresses with the fountain of youth otherwise known as Clairol Nice'N'Easy. Beloved son (loved up in Bournemouth) phones to wish me happy birthday and says he phoned granny but she couldn't hear him. However, she did have a moan about my 'whisking him away' when he last visited. He promised to write to her and explain he had to catch a train, he's also going to suggest she give the amplified phone another go. Put glad rags on and sat (knitting) outside local hostelry with friends in the sunshine, keeping a wary eye on the thunder clouds blowing in all around us. Went for a late traditional Sunday lunch at a country pub, delicious. Home and mum phoned to wish me happy birthday (I got the distinct impression she'd only just remembered) and to have a little moan.

Should have taken the car in for a service this morning and had the rest of the day off. Cancelled service as running late and couldn't be bothered and anyway I wanted to knit, I'm just at a tricky bit, trying to add lettering to a baby's jumper. Tidied up the front room. Went into work this afternoon to finish reports for a meeting I won't be at tomorrow because I'm having Tuesday off too - more knitting and tidying and taking mum for her B12 jab.

Apologies if that was really boring but one day, when my last marble rolls down the drain, I might need to know what I was doing when my brain cells were still functioning. Just.


rilera said...

Glad you have a wonderful birthday weekend. Keep on knitting, it's very meditative and good for fighting off the depression.

¸.•*´)ღ¸.•*´Chris said...

I'm so happy you had a wonderful birthday weekend. You certainly deserved to be pampered! I was thinking about you and hoping you were doing something fun:)

Have a great day off. I hope you get lots of knitting done:)

Lily said...

No worries - those needles started clacking at 07:30!

Clippy Mat said...

hey, it was my birthday weekend too. happy birthday to both of us. :-)

bulletholes said...

Hey, Happy Birthday!
My Moms B-Day is the 14th as well!