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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

I've finished mum's cardigan!!!

In the middle is a pretty accurate representation of the colour and texture of the yarn used.

Sorry about the rather poor (mobile) photos of the cardigan which is actually rather lovely, very spring-like and very soft and cosy. It also fits mum like a glove and she says she likes it!
If you click on the photos you'll be able to see my handiwork in much more detail (and mum's threadbare carpet...that's another story altogether).


cornbread hell said...

having now seen the fruit of your love for the old biddy, i hereby absolve you of all the pissin' & moanin' you do about her.

very nice, ms.lily.

¸.•*´)ღ¸.•*´Chris said...

Beautiful cardigan!!! I'm afraid I couldn't knit my way out of a paper bag although I do know how to crochet a blanket:)

You did a wonderful job, Lily. You should be very proud of yourself:)

Granny on the Web said...

Looks lovely, well done! I damn well hope she does like it... lot of labour here.
What next then? or has you yen for the knitting been satisfied now?
I would guess not.
Love Granny

Lily said...

lol cornbread! I ain't done yet - she's just phoned (0815) - she can't get the gas fire to come on (its summer here), she doesn't know what to do....I'm going over in my lunchbreak. Sigh. My heart is pounding, ridiculous innit? The cynic in me says its a ruse because I'm working late tonight and told her yesterday I wouldn't be going over today.
Thanks ladies! You guess correctly granny - I've nearly finished Mr Lily's cardigan and I'm already 20% into a pale blue lacy garter for a friend who's getting married in July! (and after that a baby's jumper and then a summer top for me and a cardigan for me and a hoodie for my son and a bedspread for my daughter........)

rilera said...

Lily! It's lovely! Very intricate, you are quite a good knitter. I'm glad your mom likes it.

bulletholes said...

Thats good!
Hi Lily!

Lily said...

don't count your chickens bulletholes, its still in the wardrobe and its been chilly here for the last two days :-(