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Sunday, 26 December 2010

The Boxing Day Die Hard song - sing along!

The boys upstairs are snoring
The morning TV's boring
And since there's not very much snow
To the Boxing Day sales I must go!

I've had my porridge and berries
Now I just need to find my wellies,
Jeans and a warm jumper-o
And off to the sales I will go!

I really need some warm pyjamas
All my old ones are far too loose
I'm only a pound off target
From the 3 stones* I had to lose!

Yesterday we went to see my mother
Me, my daughter and her brother
Mum has a big black eye -
3 falls in 3 days, oh my!

We think she has a water infection
But she doesn't need an injection
Just antibiotics and rest
And she'll soon be back to her best

At the moment she's very wobbly
She can't walk far at all
I bought her a cardie for Christmas
Size 6^, yes she's really that small!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas
To every mister and missus
Lots of happiness and good cheer
And I'll see you all again next year!

For my friends in the USA:
*42 pounds
^ size 2


libby said...

How enterprising...a rhyme to start the year with..well done!

Clippy Mat said...

great rhyme. love it.:-)
well done on 42lbs as well. that's fantastic.