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Monday, 17 January 2011


Been a bit low, on and off, lately. I think its probably still linked to not feeling comfortable making decisions as mum's deputy - have spent a chunk of her money recently on getting the bungalow's electrics updated, a new bathroom fitted and a new gas fire installed. Had a mini meltdown when lovely daughter said the reproduction victorian fire she'd chosen looked too big in situ, its a gorgeous slate hearthed, cast iron coal effect fire with a chunky oak-like surround with a price to match. I think it will look ok once the rest of the room is decorated, sigh. Logically I know the alterations will add value to mum's property so if I do have to sell it, hopefully it will do well. Still finding it stressful though, doing this stuff 'behind her back'. Next expenses will be flooring (going to price laminate but may have to settle for carpeting if the price is extortionate) and decorating. Aaargh.

Yesterday I thought I was starting early with dementia - I couldn't remember what I'd done with the spare wheel on my car that I needed to replace a flat tyre. Today I discovered that my new car wasn't fitted with a spare, just a tyre inflator which does diddly squat when you've a puncture. Which bright spark came up with that one? (Apparently it saves car manufacturers money and decreases carbon emissions - small comfort if you have a blowout in the middle of nowhere but good news for the recovery services!)

Also I've had a chest infection for weeks so haven't been to see mum for a while. Haven't managed to get to the doctor's yet but have an appointment tonight. Back to work tomorrow after a week off to get the work at the bungalow done so I'll be playing catch up AND I've 5 big reports to complete before the first week in February as well as the daily stuff - more stress, and I'm waiting to find out where I'll be sent next - am moving to a new team around the end of March. Never thought I'd say this but roll on retirement!

Oh, and just to put the tin hat on it, having forked out £60 for a new tyre and consoled myself with lunch and a mooch round the charity shops with a friend, I got back to the car to find a £50 parking ticket (£25 if I pay up within 14 days). Grr. AND I've just discovered my friend left her shopping in the boot of my car.


RNSANE said...

Well, I've been unhappily retired nearly two years now ( at $100,000 US drop in my annual income ) because of massive budget cuts to San Francisco's Department of Public Health ). I wish to heck I were still working. I have had a great deal of difficulty adjusting to the major change in my lifestyle.

Lily said...

Yes, I must admit the future drop in income is worrying me a bit, I'm considering finding a part-time job for retirement, maybe a Slimming World consultant (only 1 pound left to lose for my 3 stones target!)

Clippy Mat said...

probs the chest infection that's got you feeling a bit blah?
the parking ticket is the definition of sod's law tho isn't it?

libby said...

Chin up...we are all just hanging on in there...