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Friday, 27 November 2009


Strange how difficult I find it to update the blog. Things have definitely improved but I still feel unsettled - my knitting addiction is coming a close second to the new drug of choice - Farmville on Facebook - its as though I need to be busy doing something every second of the day or who knows what demons will sneak into my mind. Here's how mum's being in residential care is going:

  • Mum is well thought of by the staff and she seems to get on with them
  • She is eating slightly better and has put on a little bit of weight
  • She is rarely very distressed about being in the home but I think its because she often thinks she's just visiting instead of living there
  • I no longer get palpitations when the phone rings because I know it won't be mum with a new disaster
  • I have more free time because I generally visit only twice a week for no more than an hour at a time
  • Lovely daughter and beloved son do their bit and visit mum as much as possible
  • Its hard knowing how to deal with the 'can you drop me off home' requests at the end of the visit - oddly enough its harder than when mum has a right go at me for 'plotting' to put her into the home (hasn't happened as much lately). Apparently Princess Anne offered her a ride home but she didn't take her up on it.
  • Mum has developed some strange habits - the other day she 'clouted' a woman at the dinner table who she said had hit her first - she told us the story over and over with much glee!
  • She pinched someone's wedding ring when she thought she had lost her own!
  • She has also taken to spitting on the floor - something she would have regarded as absolutely disgusting once upon a time.
  • The finances still aren't sorted out. The home hasn't billed me yet but I'm still waiting for the solicitor to send me the paperwork for the courts.

Ok, that's me done for now. I'll try to post more often.


rilera said...

Ah, FarmVille on Facebook, is my addiction too. You'll have to 'friend' me so we can be neighbors.

I'm glad you mom is settling in. The bizarre behavior is probably typical for dementia, she's been through so much. Best of all you know she is being looked after.

Lily said...

Did you know there are 77 people with your name on Facebook?! Help!

Emily said...

Things are OK with your mom! Hooray! Hooray!She's safe! She's well cared-for! And you aren't going thru hell anymore!

The money part sounds scary, but you seem to be having fun...which you richly deserve.

And I'm relieved to hear you're OK.

Lily said...

Cheers Em.
Rilera - I tried your two search suggestions but to no avail. I've sent you an e-mail to the address you provided, I hope you can find me on Facebook from that. If not, we'll have to try something else!

Lily said...

Yay rilera!

J said...

Sorry you are have so much trouble with the $$$. Mom doesn't have money or property but there would be problems if I didn't have her Power of Attorney.(((Lily)))
My neice got me curious about Farmville.
How do I invite you guys to be neighbors?

Lily said...

Hey J! If you send me the e-mail address you use on Facebook (promise I won't publish it), I'll find you and invite you to be my neighbour - then all you have to do is click on the link and start farming!