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Sunday, 3 August 2008

Weary weekend

Don't know why but I've been so tired this weekend. Should have been having fun at the festival - I look forward to it every year and beloved son came up to go round it with me but I felt very apathetic and could hardly drag myself there. Clearly the Prozac is still to make a significant impact, wish it would hurry up and bring me back to life. By the way, I've discovered I'm living next to an arboreal assassin - the chestnut tree in my front garden suddenly started to look very poorly with leaves withering, turning dark brown and dropping off. I had my suspicions...the tree probably casts quite a shadow on my neighbour's front lawn...so I investigated and found a hole bored into the trunk from my neighbour's side and a brown liquid spilling out from it! When I went to show my husband a few days later, a carefully whittled twig had been stuck into the hole! ! Honestly, there was no need for such underhand tactics, we've always lopped back our trees when asked to do so in the past. He's lucky I'm not the vindictive sort or there'd be an unfortunate accident in his fish pond.


Susan said...

Is the tree dying? What a nasty thing to do. Wouldn't it be unfortunate if someone 'accidently' put weedkiller on his lawn when he wasn't looking? I'm not the vindictive sort either so I wouldn't do it - tempting though it might be!

Lily said...

It's too early to say whether the tree has been totally killed off, it's still quite healthy looking lower down. I did think about writing 'wanker' in liquid feed on his lawn to make the letters materialise in greener grass but I don't have the nerve!

Susan said...

That would be so funny! I'd love to do that to my neighbours lawn - it's his pride and joy (and he's a wanker too!)