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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

On reflection.....

.....I could live with the new me. I'm sleeping much better and as a bonus I'm dreaming again. I suppose I should say I'm remembering dreams again as I may have been dreaming before the medication, but wasn't aware of it. However, I suspect that my quantity and quality of sleep was so poor, I didn't get any REM action. I'm definitely losing my stress head, little things like not being super sensitive to the way someone puts down a cup or clears their throat from which I used to determine what kind of mood they were in; finding mum's little digs at me wryly amusing rather than intensely annoying; not being defeated by the thought of all the housework I need to do but just getting on with it a task at a time and finding it easier to make potentially unpopular decisions like escaping from mum's when I'm ready instead of trying to guess when she'll be OK with it. The odd thing is that given I'm so much more relaxed than I've been in years, I don't understand why my eczema is still so bad; I thought that being stress-related, it would clear up as the Prozac took effect. If I could sort out my skin, I could lose the itching and life would be sooooooooooooooooooo much better!

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