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Saturday, 4 August 2012

what do you think?

I started off by checking what I'd been up to this time four years ago then three and quickly became drawn into reading old posts of the surreal reality of dealing with mum's dementia.  Time had dimmed my memory of just how intense, exhausting, agonising, frustrating and occasionally unintentionally hilarious it was.  It got me thinking, if 'everyone has a book in them', is this mine?  Would the story of mum's decline and the impact it had on our relationship be of any interest to anyone?  I wouldn't mind putting it all together just to be able to read it through chronologically, without having to skip backwards through posts. Might be interesting for my son and daughter as I don't think they've seen/know about this blog.  I'd welcome your thoughts, especially those of you who have accompanied me on this journey (if you're still with me!).

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Greg said...

I think the media are waking up to this subject, so if you were to write a book now would be the time. The best thing about writing my own blog on this subject was contact from people thanking me because a topic I'd covered had helped reassure them that they weren't alone. There is an audience out there, if your story is good enough and you market it well. Even if it ends up being a private publication just for the sake of your family, that would be a wonderful testament to your Mum and your efforts to care for her.