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Wednesday, 25 July 2012


The other day I was putting some jewellery away and decided to sort out the tangled mess that was my jewellery box.  Moving mum's wedding ring and dad's signet ring around, I tried them on individually and, not really holding out any hope, asked each if they could help me find a couple of rings I'd been missing for weeks.  Back downstairs, I was drawn to the welsh dresser and picked up a little trinket box.  Inside were the missing rings and a pair of earrings I thought I'd lost.  I'd looked everywhere for those rings but would never have thought of checking the trinket box because it just wasn't somewhere I would have thought to put them.  Maybe the old folks are still with me, maybe not. What do you think?


Greg said...

They were your world as you grew up and are firmly implanted in your head. You know what they would say, how they would react in any situation. They are with you, certainly, in that regard.

As for spiritually, it's hard to say, but this story is lovely and comforting.

Lily said...

Yes, they never go away. I sometimes find myself thinking 'dad would love this' or 'mum would not approve of that', lol.